Featured: Straits Times Life! Food Picks (Sep 2022)

"Many people will argue that the words “healthy” and “cookie” have no business sitting side by side. Can it possibly taste good? That thought was ringing in my head when I opened a jar of The Pantry Muse’s Oat Boms.

I finished the entire jar..."

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gifting ideas

go plastic-free with these beautiful and practical reusaable containers and cups

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organic teas

organic. gmo-free. pesticide-free.

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  • natural ingredients, reduced/no sugar

    If there’s chemicals or preservatives, you won’t see it here. These are food we would readily give our children or parents. No guilt.

  • never boring

    We prioritise taste and flavour. We constantly find new ways to eat better through new flavours and products.

  • your health in mind

    Contains ingredients that are good for our bodies #nowastedcalories

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