Our Story

Hello! 👋 Thank you for being here!

Food is in our DNA. We are big on eating well and love a little indulgence now and then. We believe eating is the perfect window to connect with yourself and others, savouring life in its present moment.

How we came to be

Making healthier convenient choices in our food can be challenging. Pick up any packaged food in a supermarket, flip to the ingredients list and you will likely find a long list of ingredients, way too much sugar, chemicals and preservatives that you may not recognise.

So we embarked on a quest to make our own food. We started off with our first love - cookies - and thought - "how can we make a high quality cookie that is worth our while, interesting, flavourful without feeling guilty after?"

Our mission

It is our hope to inspire and help our community to enhance your everyday experiences by offering better food choices for your pantry. Proudly established in Singapore, we are a local specialty store committed to providing our customers the value of high quality products at an affordable price point. We believe everyone should have access to making better, informed food choices for themselves and their family.

We invite you to discover our growing range of signature cookies and snack medleys where we look at every aspect from the taste, texture, ingredients and packaging. Every product goes through numerous R&D until we absolutely love it. Alongside, we also thoughtfully curate and source for complementary products that would complete your experience.

A simple philosophy

To consistently deliver value, we put thought and care to ensure that everything you see on our store is based off our guiding principles:

  • Natural ingredients, reduced/no sugar

    These are food we would readily give our children or parents. No guilt.

  • Never boring

    We prioritise taste and flavour. Food is meant to be enjoyed. We find new ways to enjoy through new flavours and products.

  • Health in mind

    Contains ingredients that are good for our bodies #notimeforwastedcalories

If you have a product or suggestions that share our philosophy, we would love to hear from you!